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Zombie Persona

. Dennis Schleicher

Zombie Persona

“Zach” 22, male Slow Zombie (shambling)


Zach is a former college student in his early 20s. He was into beekeeping, science fiction, and making fun of Vampire Goths before being bitten. Zach was middle class, ate out 2/3 of the time at various fast food outlets, had 2 credit cards and one bank card he used for various purchases, drove a ’94 yellow Geo Storm. Zach thought the baseball bat was an adequate defense against zombies, and had moderate success fending them off one by one. An attack en masse overwhelmed his meager defenses, and now he identifies strongly with the Living Dead (Shambler) demographic.

Home setting

Zach is a wanderer by nature, never settling in one place for very long, constantly drawn by his Needs ( see below ). Because of this, home setting descriptions are difficult to articulate.


To consume. That is, to consume living human tissue ( Ewww ). He is drawn mostly by sound, as his other forms of perception have been hampered by his condition. This motivation is constant, powerful.


Extreme accessibility issues; Zach can’t use a mouse, computer, or even a door handle. To facilitate the retail experience for Zach, a physical Personal Shopper would be required. The storefront would need to be ADA compliant, as Zach can’t climb stairs and might have difficulty navigating an escalator. Digital manipulation as fine as going through pockets or a wallet would be beyond Zach, so further assistance in purchasing experiences would be required for Zach.

Buying habits

Minimal; the living dead have few needs, except as mentioned above. This is not to say that they do not have varying amounts of cash on hand. Zach would likely have money not slated for anything in particular, so this disposable income could be sought targeted by various inventive marketing efforts.

Online familiarity/activity

In his current state, Zach is incapable of even rudimentary decision making, and no online activity. Extreme facilitation as detailed under “Needs” would be required.

Marketing, Engagement, and Retention

While online promotions and incentives would likely be ineffective with Zach, the herd mentality is strong. Simply running a Craftsman Circular Saw or using two sets of Elmo Tickle Me Hands at the entryway of a store would be enough to bring Zach and others of his demographic inside the store. Once in the store, Zach and his cohorts would spend great lengths of time there, until forcibly removed. To re-engage, the same marketing methods outlined above ( making loud noises ) should prove fruitful every time with Zach.

Key verticals

Shoes, Beauty, Outdoor Living.

The user research to create this persona was done by Pete Simon here at SHC.

Shop your way...anywhere you are

. mkasumov

Sears.com customers already have the opportunity to shop in-store or from home, pick up their online orders right away in their local store or have products delivered to their doorstep. Now we are taking the experience to the next level and expanding internationally. Whether you are in Boston or Belgium, Philadelphia or Poland, you can go to sears.com and have your favorite shirt delivered to someone in Singapore or send a tool set to your auto-enthusiast friend in Thailand.

We have worked to make the international shopping experience as easy as possible for our customers. If you are visiting our site from a foreign country, we will automatically apply the necessary filters for you, show prices in your local currency as well as indicate the merchandise you can ship internationally. And if you are a US customer, you can search International Shipping on our site and choose the country you will be shipping to. From there, you’ll be able to buy thousands of our products, including apparel, shoes and the Craftsman tools you can’t find anywhere else.

As you browse sears.com, you will notice little changes that will guide you through the process. Whether it is a dedicated section on our customer service page or a quick link allowing you to switch between domestic and international experiences, our mantra is convenient international shipping. And our promise is to deliver exactly what our customers want. In fact, we will calculate necessary duties and taxes, provide complete costs and ensure your products clear customs and arrive at your doorstep. You won’t have to think twice about your products making it to you even if they’re being shipped from the other side of the globe.

Currently we ship to 90 countries around the world. Go to Sears.com International Shipping and tell us what you think about our new features.