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Welcome to the Party

. Imran Jooma

our recent UX brainstorm

UXSears is an open invitation to the best online retail thinking. The kind of thinking that turns interactive experiences into personal experiences – as fun as they are functional – as adaptable and easy to use as they are elegant in their simplicity. Experiences that meet both the immediate needs of customers and build lifelong relationships.

Party favors

This is the spot to learn all about the customer experience initiatives Sears has launched – as well as to read about ideas in their embryonic stage that if fully realized will fundamentally change eCommerce. We created this blog because we think big, scrutinize the smallest details and have produced spectacular results – from building 20+ category leading sites that receive million of hits per month to our continued development of long-established brands such as Craftsman and Kenmore.

Yet this is also the place where we'll candidly share what we've learned from our miscues and mistakes. Because to evolve online, you have to take chances and reinvent to stay relevant. All these anecdotes and technical insights will come to you from our close-knit community of visionaries who have dozens of years of online experience between them and who will cover topics as far ranging as:

  • Multi-site cart and checkout

  • Agile vs. iterative vs. rapid UX development

  • How operations and development can coexist

  • Inside adaptive usability

  • Online to store to mobile

  • Blended and user-generated content

  • Usability, accessibility and how we're improving

  • What it's like to work here

  • Promises we've kept over the last five years

  • How we're giving back to the global community

And while you'll get to know us and our varied viewpoints, UXSears wont be a one-sided conversation.

Join the discussion

We want your opinions. Your pointed feedback and constructive criticism. We're confident in our ability to implement experiences most can only imagine – but smart enough to understand that we must continue to learn. As a community, we can raise customer experience expectations – making customers' lives easier. More enjoyable, well spent.

Look forward to a new blog posting coming soon that will be as targeted as it is topical. We look forward to the subsequent dialogue.


At 7/02/2009 03:40:00 PM, Blogger Sanaal said...

1. Touch screen shopping experience in Store.
2. In 'My Profile' manage multiple 'Shopping List'. [Login for one touch checkout - Also Mobile Checkout].
3. One Touch Mobile Shopping for promotional Items.
4. Personalize Sears.com for signed in Users [Customer Delight]


-Change is the only Constant-


At 7/07/2009 07:36:00 AM, Blogger BERNINA BOY said...

How do I put this?...
Okay, I'll just come out and say it.
Everybody thinks it. Out here in the real world, everybody SAYS it...
Sears got out of the catalog business too early.
Until/unless we have a portable web device that can be THROWN, DOG-EARED, CIRCLED, CARRIED, BENT, TAKEN TO THE BATHROOM FOR HOURS, etc.
Until/unless we have content releases that can be ANTICIPATED by children - "Christmas catalog" style
We, the people, STILL prefer looking through our CATALOGS from Lands End, Cabelas, Sharper Image, etc.
Why? They are a TANGIBLE, TACTILE user interface. Web has not, and CANNOT replace that in the foreseeable future. Give me a STURDY, RUGGED, BENDABLE, FLEXIBLE, MOTION-CONTROLLED, LARGE-FORMAT, PORTABLE, web device that is...
(and here is the key...)
and THEN you have replaced the catalog.
Give me a CATALOG that has a barcode/3D barcode/etc., that I can scan with my phone's camera (cell phone barcode scanning is already IN USE in Japan), or that I can EASILY scan a barcode on my laptop and I'll carry YOUR catalog around the house; our children will fight over it; they will anticipate it for MONTHS; it will lay as a permanent advertisement on my coffee-table, it will get moved from room to room; it will be where I don't want it; I'll get it out and put it away MANY TIMES PER WEEK!

Kick around a "Waved rollout" of content, especially for children's items) A "flyer" mailing that is done consistently, regularly, and broadly enough, could drive children TO Sears.com for a new wave of content. (Think Sears' Christmas Web!)

Item DESCRIPTIONS on the web are NOWHERE near as complete, accurate, descriptive, appealing, attractive, or enticing as they were in Sears' catalog!
(This should be taken SEPARATELY from the "BRING BACK THE CATALOG" which you are probably innundated with daily. The descriptions on Sears.com are simply inadequate. Yes, you could TAKE A LESSON from Sears' catalog (ca 1970's), but, the opportunity for improvement is independent and great!

#4)A website JUST FOR CHILDREN! Presented in a manner APPEALING to children, with a UI, more friendly to children. Think 6-yr-old children.

*** I have LOTS of these ideas, FYI ***

Tom F.
Palm Springs, CA
(FREQUENT Sears Customer,
in-store and online)


At 7/13/2009 11:15:00 AM, Blogger andrew said...

can you post a 383 word response to a catalog and have the world see it instantly? Catalogs will continue to be a big part of Sears for years to come. But the web offers so much more than a printed piece of paper.


At 9/29/2009 01:23:00 PM, Blogger trumpetmic said...

Printed paper and on-screen, interactive web-sites, each have their own, exclusive, advantages.

I personally prefer the web-site version, but I'm not the only one with a preference am I?

Back to the topic though...

How about bringing the 360-degree interactive spin to ALL PRODUCTS? :) This would be especially interesting for the clothing section.

Take that a step further, give online clothes shoppers the chance to try clothes on virtually. Invent a lightweight shooting apparatus, either as a floor-standing frame, or something that hangs from the ceiling, to take the 360 shot of the customer, which is then uploaded to the site, and combined with the 360 shot of the clothing. Hmmm.. models will need to be painted in greenscreen...


Or... I really like video in the product "grid".

Another: "Action shots" are done really well by thinkgeek.com, probably because their customer base is "geeks" and their products are fun... apply THIS to the christmas "catalog" micro-site, with a special edition for several pre-defined age-brackets. Kids playing with toys!


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