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Anatomy of a Black Friday Facebook Status

. Rod Rakic

It was
Black Friday, which was a huge day for us in the retail space. And while it wasn’t surprising to get reviews from people regarding their shopping highs and lows, we were excited to see how the retail experience had evolved in the U.S.

In this case, David, (a classmate of my wife's from back in high school) went to the store on Black Friday, intent on grabbing a great deal on a TV. David had a great in-store experience, and he shared it with all his friends online just like a lot of folks.

It's worth noting that his status update didn't come from a desktop computer, but from the Facebook app on his iPhone. (He probably didn't wait to get home before posting.) He was excited about his new TV, and naturally wanted to share.

It doesn't end there... David's friends responded to his status and started a conversation about the experience. (Some noting that they haven't had this sort of luck.) David followed up with comments to the original post later on and provided updates:

  • 1. The TV is now all set up, and it's "FREAKING SWEET!!!!" (his words)
  • 2. He found the same TV online at another dot com, but for around $500 more than he paid.
Sure he bragged a little, but he also helped friends by letting them know where to find a good deal.

David shared his experience beyond the transaction at the cash register, because it was a positive one. People use social media to complain about things, but customers can be just as vocal when they're happy.

There is no more online store and offline store … at least not how customers like David see it. Those worlds have blended together for consumers for a long time now, and Sears gets that.

Today these moments are shared, posted, commented on, searched for and archived ... the experience spreads further and further.

And as for you, David … congrats on the new TV.

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