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On innovation, and not stagnating

. Pete

Sitting in the Social Media Summit, listening to Brian Solis talk.

Due to the fruit-fly lifespan of even the best twees, Solis implied Old Spice dropped the ball by not continuing to milk their idea of having The Man Your Man Could Smell Like do more viral vids for release on YouTube.

Andrew leans over and whispers "But that's not what they were for."

"You don't do the last job, " I reply, nodding and verbally retweeting master criminals everywhere. "You do the next job."

That's why we learn from the Zombie thing, and continue to practice that kind of awesomeness. But we don't do another Zombie Vertical thing.

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At 1/20/2011 06:27:00 PM, Blogger Brian Solis said...

But then they stopped...and consumers moved on. That's what we're learning is that even though you move on to the next thing, you still need to keep people connected. This is about continuum, not campaign.


At 1/22/2011 06:06:00 AM, Blogger Pete said...

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