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Taxonomy World Champions

. Dennis Schleicher

1st Place - GOLD
Jerry Schweighart
1st - Jerry Schweighart

2nd Place - SILVER
Linda Bills
2nd - Linda Bills

3rd Place - BRONZE
Laxmisurekha Kokirala
3rd - Laxmisurekha Kokirala

As could be seen from the fun taxonomy exercise presented at stand-up this morning, classifying and labeling groups of items is no simple task. First, the item itself has to be identified, then it has to be placed into an appropriate grouping of like objects (or a new grouping formed), and finally an easily recognizable and descriptive label needs to be created for the group.

At Sears we’re dealing with a universe of over 12 million items, nearly 4,500 product categories and subcategories, and over 43,000 attributes that describe specific product characteristics.

We have an ongoing review schedule for taxonomy and right now we’re working with Maggie Huckeba, Sharon Davis, Tammy Baars, and Julie Goetsch-Jackson on Apparel.

Clint Elmore, Taxonomist (clint.elmore@searshc.com)
Jenny Benevento, Taxonomist (jenny.benevento@searshc.com)
Fred Leise, Taxonomy Manager (fred.leise@searshc.com)


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