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Social + Big Data

. PeteW

There’s a lot of ideating (and designing) around social as of late. One of the important considerations with Social e-commerce revolves around the exponentially increased amount of customer data that results from it. Dana Boyd posted some interesting arugments recently about the use of Big Data. She argues: 1) Bigger Data are Not Always Better Data 2) Not All Data are Created Equal 3) What and Why are Different Questions 4) Be Careful of Your Interpretations She also surfaced a POV about ethics and customer data: "Just because data is accessible doesn’t mean that using it is ethical,” providing a series of different ways of looking at how people think about privacy and publicity. I conclude by critiquing Facebook’s approach to privacy, from News Feed to Social Plugins/Instant Personalizer." See the full article here: Privacy and Publicity in the Context of Big Data Dana Boyd is a researcher at Microsoft Research New England and Fellow at Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society.


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