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What if K-Mart Pharmacies had free life-saving technology?

. PeteW

Free, life-saving technology--tags for use in Healthcare. Plus: grocery store technology kicks the FDA in the arse for recalls. Looks like an interesting idea for pharmacies--do you know anyone who is implementing something like this in the US, Europe, or other? [sourec: Medical Quack...snippet below. Go here for full post: http://ducknetweb.blogspot.com/2010/02/tags-for-use-in-healthcare-medical.html ]

There’s a new video out on Windows Tags. Watch the video and pretend that box with Windows Vista is a stent ready to be used in surgery, get the hint here, take that phone out and scan the box!

If it has been recalled, one scan would let your know. Medical device companies can use this to ensure recalls are not missed. I wrote a post about one man who died because the doctors and hospitals missed the implant recall and it malfunctioned.

Why are we afraid of “free” life saving technology? This same tag could be placed on drug containers too, scan it and new safety information is available as well as identifying the product is authentic with an FDA supplied key to manufacturers, encrypted. It’s wild I have written on this topic several times, had a couple somewhat angry frustrated answers from others who didn’t take the time to understand how this free technology saves lives, I guess the Magpies living on the internet today. I also added how technology from a grocery store kicked the FDA in the butt and has them beat with safety hands down. In the video you will see other countries and companies using the technology for entertainment but I guess that goes to prove the focus here is more about entertainment, you think? It worked for Dodge trying to give away a Caravan. This leads me to believe that “tech denial” has a much stronger hold on people than what I might have originally thought. I like posting stories about items that are free and save lives better than I do disasters that kill people, but again it has been through several postings, email to the FDA and “tech denial” is still winning at the gate.

Read through this entire post for a summary of several of the posts I have done and you can also do a search to find other posts. By the way, this technology will also allow you to put information into your PHR too, read on below. BD

Windows Tag video:

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At 3/29/2010 08:11:00 PM, Blogger PeteW said...

Update from Microsoft re: color tags for mobiles is here (posted on 3/29/10):
"New Version of Microsoft Tag Available"



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