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SHC Digital Summit

. andrew

Attending the Sears Digital Summit today at MPG. Working more closely with our brethren in the full-line store marketing team will only make us stronger/better/faster, just like the six million dollar man (great show by the way). We are talking about re-marketing to consumers, leveraging cookies and serving relevant ad units based on the consumer's actions/behaviors/traffic patterns. Also talking about leveraging dynamic ad generation for this, which is something we need to build for Sears.com. Tackling data analytics to deliver more relevant/accurate advertising to consumers. In the afternoon we are going to cover social games, local/social platforms and mobile all from a marketing perspective. What I think will be key will be how all of this leads to sales online and off and how we can drive conversion in it's many forms.

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At 10/05/2010 12:50:00 PM, Blogger Iga said...

Dynamic ad generation? delivering relevant ads based on analytics? Do we have CMS to handle that? DIG was working on some solutions along those lines (Modules project), but we were told to hold off as nothing like that could be implemented. Let me know if that changed.


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