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technoloy, my savior, my downfall

. andrew

Throughout my career i have always been on the cutting/dull edge of technology. It has been my savior on so many occasions that I can't remember them all, in fact i forget them faster than they happen. It's the times that it has been my downfall that I remember the most. I remember all the times during a new business pitch it failed, from not getting an internet connection to the projector not connecting cleanly to the computer. I remember demoing a new iPad/iPhone app to the chairman and it not working at all, in fact it crashed his iPad, all the time trying to explain to him that it just worked fine on my iPad, just moments ago. Just before I left for a business trip our email system went down, some may view that as a blessing, but for me it sent me into a panic state. I wasn't in a state of euphoria the day before when it worked just fine. Do we ever consider the customer's state of mind when technology fails, how do we account for that? If the customer is willing, how do we handle that follow up communication opportunity? Do we ever send an apology? How do we repair this relationship? I think these are questions I'll be looking to get answered at the annual IXDA gathering here in Boulder, CO


At 2/10/2011 10:51:00 AM, Blogger MFS said...

It's referred to as contingency design in some circles, and consciencous designers bake that into their solutions everyday. Too often however it's also some of the easiest material to pull out of scope - as its not considered "critical".

Yea, not critical until the experience breaks down and recovery (contingency) wasn't baked in. Thinking broadly, cross channel, across multiple customer touch points has to be considered in requirements for constructing a successful experience.

Interested in hearing what you get answers to.


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