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NY's Digital Runway

. Tracy

Well, New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is over.

Like most normal people, I wasn’t invited. But, digital was louder than ever this year with more designers streaming their runway shows live, on their own sites or at www.firstcomesfashion.com. The tweeting was impossible to keep up with, without it being a full time job. And Betsey Johnson even had a way for registered users to buy the shoes she designed with Steve Madden and wore to her show in sync with her appearance – quick!

I managed to catch one show live, watched parts of others (while asking myself whether I really ought to be working on that report I owe my boss) and looked over some of the other collections online. But I was feeling inadequate. It’s a lot to take in, and frankly, I was more worried about whether I’d packed decent outfits for my stint in the Chicago office than about how to get ready for Fall 2011.

So what are my customer’s thinking about? Which ones of them are following high fashion and how do they translate it into their wardrobes? With more and more access to high fashion, access to the world of products online, and about a gazillion fashion blogs…how’s a working girl supposed to get a handle on her closet?

Google’s Boutiques.com walked a new Trend Analysis tool down the digital runway – a way for savvy shoppers to investigate what’s hot, see what’s trendy in context of what’s out there right now. It wasn’t easy to find, and it wasn’t all I was expecting (with some of the data being weak and products in-actionable), but the idea is there – narrowing down the sea of drool-worthy products to a smaller set of what’s currently cool.

Now, what will happen this week in London?


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