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Feed me, Seymore

. Pete

In all my spare time here at work, I'm working to develop a little black dress.

I actually work for the Digital Innovation Group, but I'm sort of on loan to the Social peeps for now. In between the cracks I'm working on this idea for an algorithm, this little-black-dress of an idea to help support our activity feed. In case you haven't heard, feeds are currently in vogue.

Our effort to evolve Social Shopping from more than the ham-handed attempt at a Facebook redeux of Likes and Badges has its ups and down, and while I am not actually wearing a cocktail dress ( mercifully; I'm a dude ) I am working on a bit of functionality that is elegantly portable, serve its function like nothing else can, and will make a statement wherever it is seen.

If you go to our social homepage you'll see an interation of the feed, though definitely an early one. I have it in my head that your actions on a retail site, those of anyone you're following, the types of interactions, and time since these things have happened should all should play a part in what gets shown in "the feed". Where the feed is displayed also matters; if we're putting it on the homepage that's one thing, but what about other places... does a customer's placement in the conversion flow affect what's shown in the local feed?
Of course it should. What else?

Things I've bought, certainly; some kinds of purchases suggest additional things to buy, or counterindicate others. When and where, maybe even how I bought them. How about things that people I'm following say they want? Similar items in followed-categories being on sale, and so on?

I'm still toying with a name. Facebook has "EdgeRank," and there are others... but this one is particular to shopping, and maybe not really "Edgy". Current ideas I can't get out of my head are LBDRank ( yep, "Little Black Dress" ) or AlexRank ( short for Alexander, who split the Gordian Knot ). Yea, still working. It'll come to me.

In all my spare time.

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