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Happy At Work?

. andrew

Came across this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq81wx6aPbA, via Facebook about happiness at work. For us here at Sears it is annual review cycle time. It's a time that brings angst for many, frustration for others and pure happiness for some. We all come to work, it's called work for a reason, usually not associated with happiness. This TEDx talk in Copenhagen pushes the idea that happy employees are more productive employees in every aspect, it's called Arbejdsglaede (Happiness at Work). Seems pretty straightforward, a real simple idea, but a really really difficult goal to achieve. Alexander Kjerulf says it's not about salary, bonuses, perks or other financial rewards. It's about making work fun, enjoyable, and relationships. I think that last one is the key here, the relationships you have with your co-workers. Appreciation, respect and humor for me are the keys to happiness at work. At uxSears we have grown very quickly, 200% growth in our department's staff in under two years. Wicked fast growth, we have had some stumbles, but we all push really hard and making sure everyone is happy. I know, the first thought that comes to mind for sears is not necessarily Arbejdsglaede, but we actually have adhoc teams that focus on developing events to make work, seem less like work and more like fun. We have movie night, chili cook-offs, Indian Dancing lessons, massages and more. We also encourage creative exploration and have an open slot for anyone to present ideas in our weekly design discussions. We are doing a ton of hiring right now and have open positions in just about every discipline, UX, Visual Design, Copywriting, Front End Development, Mobile Design & Dev, Project Management and super smart DVP's of creative. So give us a ring and come and have Arbejdsglaede with uxSears.


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